Plan the Kitchen You Want with Functionality

October 15, 2018 Steve Shinn, CR

Plan the Kitchen You Want with Functionality

Kitchen designed for functionality by Homework Remodels, Gilbert, Arizona

A kitchen remodel, how exciting! But, where do you start? Do you choose the color of the walls first? Or, the color of the countertops or the cabinets? Maybe you should choose your appliances first? Do you really need new appliances?

So much to think about and consider….

We want to help you out with all the questions above and get you on track so that you can successfully finish your kitchen remodel and have a space that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Here are 5 steps that you will need to take to plan the kitchen you want with the functionality you need:

Create a List

Everything is about making lists, and kitchen remodels are no exception! We recommend making a list of how you want to use this space as well as everything that you want and need in it. Once your list is complete, you can prioritize your needs and then your wants, to see which ones you must fit into your budget.

Create Your Budget

A budget is as important as that notorious list above, and it is necessary to know this number before you go any further. Once you have your budget, subtract at least ten percent for all those unknown problems that always pop up during construction. That will leave you with ninety percent to use for the materials and labor of the space. Don’t be too shocked if your budget is much smaller than all your wants and needs. It happens to everyone!

Determine Your Style

Everyone has their own style when it comes to their homes, and it is important to know if you want your new kitchen modern, traditional, or transitional. A modern kitchen will have clean lines and minimal clutter, while traditional kitchens are cozier and filled with wood and memorabilia. A transitional kitchen has a little of both those options, which makes it popular among many homeowners.

Choose Your Cabinets

Once you know what type of style you want in your new kitchen, it will be time to choose your cabinets. Of course, if your current cabinets are in excellent condition, you may be able to save some money in your budget by simply refacing them with the color or finish of your choice.

Choose Your Countertops

The material that you choose for your countertop needs to be one that matches how you will use this space. Quartz and granite are both excellent choices as they are durable, while small sections of marble are a good option for bakers. Wood and concrete are other popular choices, but you will need to make sure that you have the time available to maintain the material that you choose. If you do not take the time to do some preventative maintenance, you may end up replacing them sooner than you should.

These are the first five steps that you will need to take with your kitchen remodel and once you have these completed, you can relax a little as you finalize the smaller details. Those little details are more fun, as they involve choosing paint colors, drapes, and hardware to make your kitchen look amazing as you use it to its fullest potential.

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