Feng Shui Your Kitchen

February 28, 2018
February 28, 2018 Steve Shinn, CR

Feng Shui Your Kitchen

Feng-Shui makes perfect sense for your kitchen!

True Feng Shui will add function to your kitchen, and that will create balance, not only in the space but in your life as well. Feng Shui concentrates on the elements of metal, water, wood, fire, and earth, and in your kitchen, you are going to want to balance materials and textures to create a well-balanced space.

Here are 5 tips for adding feng shui to your kitchen:

  1. Eliminate Clutter: Feng Shui focuses on the positive energy, or chi, in your life, and clutter is the exact opposite of that. Therefore, you will need to eliminate all the clutter in your kitchen. We recommend removing all the items that you never use, and then neatly store and organize whatever is left.
  2. Consider the Flow: Everyone has a different way of using their kitchen, which is why you can use magazines for ideas, but that is it. When you design your kitchen, you need to create a layout that will work best for you and how you use the space.
  3. Variety of Textures: Balancing the elements is a necessity in a kitchen and you will want to make sure that there are many different textures in your design.
  4. Beautiful Lighting: There should never be any dark corners in any kitchen, but especially in one designed with Feng Shui in mind. We recommend installing lights that can be used to perform tasks as well as lights that can be used for ambient lighting.
  5. Timelessness: Your kitchen remodel should be kept timeless, so that it will last for many years in the future. After all, chaos and upset are Feng Shui’s worst enemies, so you do not need any disruptions every few years with another remodel.

Remodel for Functionality and Stylistic Purposes

The goal of any kitchen remodel is to create a space that is functional and works well for your family. These Feng Shui tips will only help enhance your kitchen and make it even better for you and your family. If you are tired of looking at piles of paper on the counter or having things falling out of your cabinets, it might be time to implement a few of these tips. You might be surprised at how much calmer you feel afterward, every time you walk into your kitchen.

"Feng Shui makes perfect sense for a kitchen! Declutter and create a space that flows."
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