Bathroom Remodel Design Tips

February 18, 2018
February 18, 2018 Steve Shinn, CR

Bathroom Remodel Design Tips

Make your new bathroom remodel beautiful and functional!

How much time do you spend in your bathroom every day? How many other people share the space with you? Are mornings the most hectic time of the day because your bathroom can’t handle the traffic? We have a few ideas that will make your bathroom better than it is right now and make you want to spend even more time there.

Here are 5 things to consider during your bathroom remodel:


Functionality should always be your biggest priority when it comes to your bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t function well, then you haven’t designed it right. To make this room work the best for you and your family, you will want to answer the following questions:

  • How many people use the bathroom at the same time?
  • Do we need a built-in space for shampoo, conditioner, and soap?
  • Do we need to replace the tub, or do we just want a walk-in shower?
  • How much storage do we need?

Dream Big

This is the best part of the process because you get to dream as big as you can! You can think of how you are going to be using this space far in the future as well as everything that you would love to have in your bathroom. It doesn’t mean that you will get everything that you want, but it will give you something to work towards.

Create a Remodeling Timeline

If you are in no hurry to have your bathroom finished, then you will not need to worry about what you can and cannot have done during the remodel. However, if you need the space completed within a week, then you may find yourself limited with what features you can have.

Consider Aging in Place Features

We are all going to get older, and if you plan on staying in your current home when you are older, now might be the time to add these features to your bathroom. Roll-in showers and grab bars make it easy for people of all ages to shower, plus they can be helpful if you have an accident and need to be in a wheelchair for a few weeks when you are younger.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Aesthetics

While we know that you want your bathroom to look gorgeous, you should never sacrifice the quality of the products that you use for the look of the product. Thankfully, there are many products out there that are of excellent quality and they look amazing too.

"You spend a lot of time in this space; take time to dream BIG and make it better by considering functionality now and in the future!"
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Bathroom Remodeling in the Phoenix Area

Bathroom remodels can be slightly confusing, because you never know what you should consider or what is more important. These five things above are the ones that we believe are the most important, and we can discuss them with you in more detail. Call us at 602-478-5102 and we’ll schedule an appointment for a consultation with our bathroom remodeling specialist.